About Us

About Us

We are an online Tile shop 

At Dural Tiles, we understand that it is almost everyone's dream to own a beautiful home and beautiful tiles can make a big difference to our home. Unfortunately, we are limited by our budget. How often have you seen a beautiful tile and said " if only I can afford it".

Dural Tiles is founded on the motto that we will assist the community in finally being able to purchase quality tiles at an affordable price.

Tiles are priced based on the grading , quality , pattern and density. Often, you may find a tile that appears similar to another. Unless you put the two together, an inexperienced consumer will not understand the difference in pattern variation, tile density and so forth. Some sellers may also offer very low priced products which are not excellent graded. This may mean that it is a hit and miss situation where your tiles may turn out uneven or crooked!

It is important that we balance good quality against prices. We do not claim ourselves to sell the cheapest tiles, but we pride ourselves to offer excellent graded tiles at the best prices.

If you are not able to find the tile of your choice in our showroom, we are able to source for a tile similar or identical to your choice and we will always endeavour to offer it at a lower price partiularly if you are able to wait for a few weeks.

Come in and speak to us today!